Our Story

Each step tells a story. Each product has a history that we create and write generation after another. 

We at Rostam believe that any craftsmanship inherited between two generations is a sustainable craft that will live long with future generations.

Our story began in the 70s when Ali Rostam’s father established a carpentry workshop in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where he designed and created artistic woodworks such as wooden Bahraini ships (Banoosh), wooden Bahraini designs boxes (Sandooq Mubayat), furniture, and more.

Ali Rostam grew up in his father’s workshop, observing with his eye and working with his hand, between the lesson and the experience, from his childhood till his youth, where his skills gradually developed.

As life took him to another path away from the woodworks and their beauty, it brought him back to it about 20 years ago, full of spirit to indulge in the experience and refine his skills by studying modern technologies and contemporary design. Likewise, motivated by enthusiasm for the handicraft and the passion that harmonizes with wood materials to explore its depths and penetrate its secrets.

The experience enabled him to specialize and give all his time to the “Rostam” project.

Today, Rostam is a distinctive Bahraini Brand, unique in every art piece it produces. a business that specializes in designing and producing personal accessories that accompany us in our daily life, woodworks that are meant to be pieces of art full of beauty in their small details, with high quality and luxurious material. It produces wooden products, such as watches, sunglasses, clutches, wallets, and more.

Rostam is a family business that aims to continue generation after another; furthermore, it seeks to be an international brand that reflects art in its most stunning and useful forms, where they can also raise Bahrain’s name and present it to the whole world.